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Welcome to WLAS (World Leaders Autograph Society)


            collectors of world leaders under one umbrella

            authentic signatures

            fight against fakes of autographs

            strict and big no to the selling of signatures  

            international cooperation

            friendship under nations

            serious, fair and honest attitude

            willingness to help


    This is a group of people, who collect the signatures of world politicians. This group was founded by Jan Syvertsen from Norway and Michal Dominik from Slovakia in 2012. Nowadays we have 20 members from various countries (Norway, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Russia, Belgium and Republic of South Africa)

    The philosophy of the group is to bring under one umbrella the collectors from all over the world, who collect autographs of world leaders, who are fair and honest people, who collect the signatures only for their private collections and private use or for an exchange with other collectors inside the group. The founding members and the members of the board will accept to the group only such people, who will accept the strict conditions and the philosophy of the group. We are very strict against selling of the signatures and against the production of fakes and we are prepared to fight against it with all opportunities we have.

      The collecting of autographs is our hobby and we are living with this hobby. The coopeartion is not the competition. We collect only original authentic signatures (no autopens, stamps or facsimiles etc.)

      This website was founded, because we want to inform all visitors, that we are one serious group of honest people. We know, that nowadays many people are not right collectors just only businessmen, who collect for their own profit and not for fun. They are selling the signatures and some are willing to make fakes of the signatures. We, members of WLAS, distance from this kind of activities and we are strict against it. Therefore we ask all world leaders from all countries and regions for their support and for they willingness to provide their autographs for us. 


    Members of the Board


    The group was founded: 2012 as a Facebook-group

    Meetings:          2013 - Krakow, Poland

                            2014 - Oslo, Norway

                            2015 - Leipzig, Germany

                            2016 - Žilina-Kunerad, Slovakia